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  • Planning & Strategy Sessions

    Starting a PR campaign, project or program without a plan and strategy could often yield fruitless results. By investing in a planning a strategy session, we will collectively lay the foundation of your PR activities before implementation, so you have a roadmap for your journey. This service includes consultations, ideation sessions, and a written plan which you can self-implement, or we can help you.
  • Media Relations

    Connecting with the media isn’t an easy task, but we are here to help you with the process. Whether it is helping you draft a pitch, conducting outreach, or simply managing the process, we are at your service.
  • Event Planning/Management & Experience Marketing

    At Agency Abron, we believe that your events should convey a particular message and experience to your target audience you are in attendance. While a fun or elegant event is good to have, it’s even better when guests can walk-away knowing your brand and/or having a better understanding of it. Allow us to take the lead, and you will achieve these results.
  • Consulting

    Whether you need help ideating, want to bounce an idea off someone, have questions about something PR or marketing related, or you merely wish to tiptoe your way into public relations before diving in headfirst, our consultation packages are the perfect touch-and-go service to get you started.
  • Social Media

    It’s no secret that social media plays a significant role in boosting the visibility of your company or brand. While it can be fun engaging on Instagram or Facebook on a personal level, it may be confusing and overwhelming when it comes to using these platforms for your business. Allow us to help develop your social media strategy for maximum results.
  • Community Engagement

    How you engage with your community is essential to the reputation of your brand or company. However, when engaging with the community, your sentiments must be genuine and authentic. Agency Abron will help you develop the appropriate initiatives that are both authentic and engaging to the community you serve.
  • Speaking Engagements

    Presenting and speaking in front of the right audience is a great way to position you and your brand as experts and thought leaders in your industry. Agency Abron will help you identify the right audiences and help secure the speaking opportunities that are best for you.
  • Media Training

    Conducting interviews with agents of the media isn’t always easy. At Agency Abron, we will help you prepare for any interview with the media, regardless if it is your local radio station or a national television program.